We are excited to announce that we have official mockups for our Walk in their Shoes custom duffle bags.

In our recent work with homeless and high-risk children in the South Plains area, we noticed that many children carry their belongings from place to place in a trash bag. We heard countless stories of kids who feel that carrying their belongings in trash bags makes them feel “worthless” and that their “things are trash.”

We want to change this status quo. To do this, we have developed a patent-pending duffel bag that can be used by these children in unstable situations. We will give these bags to children in the South Plains area to help them better carry their belongings.

This duffel bag will also be able to be converted into a backpack with a four harness system that will adjust to kids’ height and size. In addition, a four-inch hidden lower level insulated expansion will be included for food and snacks for situations in which food instability may be an issue. This bag will be treated with a liquid and dirt resistant product to ensure it looks good for years to come.


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